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What is smqueue?

smqueue is an application being designed as a "Command Centre" that will go anywhere with you and give you a more efficient solution to handle sharing and viewing content across different streams on social media. Once all the different streams are brought online you will be able to see what is been said about you or your product, across all your platforms in one spot.

We are designing smqueue to make your life easier and give you a much easier and flexible way to schedule, share and view content. You will be able to filter what you see in many different ways and track hashtags or key topics on your favorite platform. Even when you don't have anything to say smqueue will keep you active and visible...

Remember that Social Media is a city that never sleeps...


Our Philosophy...

Authenticity is the key to smqueue and we genuinely want to help you create and maintain a more visible appearance on socialmedia without spending hours doing it! We believe that smqueue is one solution amongst a variety of applications that are on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Google+. We are committed to supplying an application that will allow you to say, share or view awesome content from your computer or any mobile device.

If we can save you 25% of the current time that you spend on social media at the moment... what is this worth to you?

If you can track what ever is said about you and be able to connect at the right time... how would this change your interaction?


What's Happening Now?

Please keep tuned into the blog and our helpdesk at http://support.smqueue.com for weekly updates and sign up today it's free.

Stop wasting time, sign up today at http://smqueue.com/user/register and create an active account and start sharing through the Schedule and Single Queues. You can even bulk upload your content via a text file to your Single Queue. After you submit your user name and email address check your emails for the verification email, please put info@smqueue.com in your email whitelist.

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